Nightlife Dallas

Dallas: Nightlife and Clubs

Dallas Nightlife: Once the sun goes down, the adventures never end in Dallas. From live music to rooftop cocktails, thumping beats to breathtaking venues – the vibrant heart of Texas has some of the best nightlife in the United States. Immerse yourself in the Texan nightlife and discover the best bars and clubs in Dallas.

Nightlife Dallas

Dallas is the ninth largest city in the United States and the third largest in Texas, after Houston and San Antonio . The city has experienced tremendous growth over the past few decades, making it one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.

Dallas is a popular tourist destination that has seen an exciting nightlife boom of late. As the sun sets, downtown Dallas heats up with a dizzying array of nightly entertainment options and nightclubs for those who want to party into the wee hours of the morning . From super trendy lounges to neighborhood bars to intimate live music venues, downtown Dallas has it all.

Nightlife Dallas by night
Dallas by night

Dallas nightlife offers a wide variety of activities to enjoy at night. There are several popular bars, lounges, museums and nightclubs in Dallas where you can party or enjoy a relaxing conversation with your significant other over drinks.

Whether it's hanging out or going to a bar with friends to enjoy the nightlife, there are plenty of things to do in the city. Dallas is known for its cultural activities such as opera, ballet, musicals and symphony concerts.

The city's new cultural spirit keeps the city busy with attractions during the day, while getting your heart pumping at Dallas' best nightclubs after dark. Start the night with a rooftop cocktail or a refreshing Lone Star at one of Dallas' best bars .

Dallas nightlife may not be as famous as that of Las Vegas , New York or Miami , but Dallas nightclubs are just as good in every respect.

It is a bustling university and college town, a rapidly growing urban metropolis, and a commercial center for many American industries, including major oil and agricultural companies. Dallas exudes luxury, elegance and modernity and as such has an incredible variety of upscale lounges and nightclubs , as well as a cosmopolitan atmosphere and beautiful people.

Nightlife Dallas nightclubs
Dallas nightclubs

Clubs and discos in Dallas

It'll Do Club

One of the best nightclubs in Dallas , It'll Do Club has a fun, no-nonsense vibe with a mix of crowds, a great sound system, a huge dance floor, and a big bar, always packed with lots of fun people to have fun.

The club mainly plays house music, but the lineup changes from week to week. On Fridays and Saturdays, the club's resident DJ plays Top 40, EDM, House and Hip-Hop genres, and famous DJs and celebrities perform from time to time. East of Dallas, this club is a great choice if you're looking for a different experience from the regular Dallas nightlife.

Nightlife Dallas Itll Do Club
Nightlife Dallas: It'll Do Club


This intimate, candlelit club bills itself as the best upscale nightclub, lounge and special event venue in Dallas . Perfect for dance lovers, Candleroom offers the best atmosphere, music and service to make every night of partying in Dallas an unforgettable experience. Every weekend it is always full of young and famous DJs, especially on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays when there are weekly events with local and celebrity DJs. The drinks menu features handcrafted cocktails and champagne-inspired spirits, and the dress code is smart.

Nightlife Dallas Candleroom
Nightlife Dallas: Candleroom
Nightlife Dallas Candleroom beautiful girls
Candleroom, Dallas

Granada Theater

Granada Theater is one of the best nightclubs in Dallas which also hosts concerts by local and international artists. This is a great place to see live music thanks to its intimate atmosphere, great acoustics and constant performances.

Nightlife Dallas Granada Theater
Nightlife Dallas: Granada Theater
Nightlife Dallas Granada Theater Texan girls
Texas girls at the Granada Theater in Dallas

Citizen Dallas

Citizen has been the epicenter of Dallas nightlife since opening in 2015. As the name suggests, this Dallas nightclub places great emphasis on making guests feel at home and at ease in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone can enjoy themselves at their own pace. rhythm. Come here for some of the best parties in Dallas .

Nightlife Dallas Citizen Dallas
Nightlife Dallas: Citizen Dallas
Nightlife Dallas Citizen Dallas girls
Citizen Club, Dallas

Club Dada

Club Dada is one of Dallas' most popular nightclubs . When it comes to Deep Ellum's live music venues and nightclubs, you won't find a more prestigious venue than Club Dada. The club has hosted performances by well-known artists for over 20 years and has helped advance the careers of local artists. Expect a diverse lineup of local and national artists covering a range of musical genres, including rock, rap, metal, country and even hardcore punk.

Nightlife Dallas Club Dada
Nightlife Dallas: Club Dada

Theory Nightclub Uptown

Theory has become one of Dallas' elite nightclubs thanks to its exceptional service, innovative audio and video technology, and extraordinary production elements that offer guests a truly unique nightlife experience. From high-octane dance parties with celebrity DJs to live music performances and themed events, there's always something to keep the party going at this popular Dallas nightclub.

Bring a group of friends and rock out to Theory Nightclub Uptown, a Dallas nightlife must-see .

Nightlife Dallas Theory Nightclub Uptown
Nightlife Dallas: Theory Nightclub Uptown

The Nines

Formerly known as the Red Light Lounge and renamed The Nines it has become a staple of Dallas nightlife , with weekly events and a variety of guest and resident DJs from every genre imaginable, as well as burlesque acts.

Here you'll find a lower level with two bars, a cozy lounge, a dance floor and some of the best DJs in town playing everything from his 80s hits to his EDM to keep you entertained. If you feel like some fresh air, head to the roof terrace to enjoy some music and a drink while taking in the breathtaking views of Deep Ellum. They also have a daily happy hour with drinks for just $3.

Nightlife Dallas The Nines
Nightlife Dallas: The Nines

Station 4

Station 4 is another popular Dallas nightclub, with an energetic, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. This is where people from all walks of life gather to party in Dallas. Whether you're an expert dancer demonstrating your moves or you just want to relax and have fun, Station 4 gives you the freedom to express yourself and enjoy the electrifying energy of the crowd.

Nightlife Dallas Station 4
Nightlife Dallas: Station 4

House of Blues Dallas

Located in Victory Park, this legendary music mecca is one of Dallas' premier nightclubs for live music concerts and performances. The main performance hall is large enough to accommodate large crowds, yet intimate enough for music lovers to get up close to their favorite artists.

The perfect combination of good music, great food and exciting drinks give this place an infectious energy. Known for its music, celebrities such as BB King, Mumford and Sons and even George Clinton are said to have performed here.

Nightlife Dallas House of Blues Dallas
Nightlife Dallas: House of Blues Dallas

Stereo Live Dallas

Stereo Live Dallas bridges the gap between retro and modern, allowing the unique structure of this massive Dallas nightclub to shine despite cutting-edge new technology. The stately 25,000-square-foot venue, which seats 1,400, features a spectacular 1970s mirrored multifaceted disco ball.

Nightlife Dallas Stereo Live Dallas
Nightlife Dallas: Stereo Live Dallas

Escape 2001

Escapade 2001 is one of the largest nightclubs in Dallas . Instead of typical electro music, this club plays fun Latin American music like rumbia, tribal and ranchera, with so many exciting events taking place here, from themed parties featuring various genres of Latin music to live performances by famous artists.

Salsa nights, bachata extravaganzas and reggaeton parties are just some of the immersive experiences that await you.

Nightlife Dallas Escapade 2001
Nightlife Dallas: Escapade 2001

Cafe Salsera

Café Salsera is a restaurant that turns into one of the most famous nightclubs in Dallas with Latin American music . Immerse yourself in a dance party every weekend with reruns of the greatest Latin hits.

Nightlife Dallas Cafe Salsera
Nightlife Dallas: Cafe Salsera

Cowboys Dancehall

If you love to dance, head to Cowboys Red River. This Dallas nightclub is known for great live music and a huge dance floor where you can show off your best moves in two steps.

Nightlife Dallas Cowboys Dancehall
Nightlife Dallas: Cowboys Dancehall

Truth & Alibi

Located behind the Original Deep Ellum Candy Company, Truth & Alibi is a speakeasy-style Dallas club where a password is required to enter, through the secret door of this Willy Wonka-inspired candy shop. Once inside, you'll notice that the space is lit with deep blue lights and 1920s-style furnishings.

While the main focus of the club is to provide an excellent atmosphere and entertainment, this nightclub also offers a menu of carefully selected drinks, with talented mixologists waiting for you to create your favorite cocktails or mix up something new. The perfect place to enjoy good music and an extensive cocktail menu in Dallas.

Nightlife Dallas Truth and Alibi
Nightlife Dallas: Truth and Alibi

Adair's Saloon

With tons of beer mugs, graffiti-covered tables, and floor-to-ceiling cowboy boots, this popular eatery hosts nights with live music and country bands on stage. Adair's Saloon is a great place to enjoy cheap beer and greasy burgers, but it's also one of the best places to see great country artists.

Nightlife Dallas Adairs Saloon
Nightlife Dallas: Adair's Saloon


Waterproof is definitely one of the best nightclubs in Dallas! This buzzing hotspot is the perfect place for a wild night out with friends.

At Waterproof, you can enjoy the best DJs from around the world. This is the perfect place for lovers of electronic music of all kinds. From techno and dancehall beats to hip-hop and R&B beats, there's something for everyone here. Be sure to arrive early to secure a good spot on the dance floor.

some of the best pool parties in Dallas take place .

Dozens of celebrity appearances, inspiring light shows, with an excellent sound system, it's no exaggeration to say that this nightclub has firmly established itself as one of the city's premier party spots.

Nightlife Dallas Waterproof
Nightlife Dallas: Waterproof

Rokwood Dallas

Rokwood is a two-story upscale nightclub and bar in the heart of downtown Dallas. Most nights there are various local DJs and regular headlining talent. A valid alternative where to party in Dallas all night long .

Nightlife Dallas Rokwood Dallas
Dallas Nightlife: Rokwood Dallas
Nightlife Dallas Rokwood Dallas party
Rockwood, Dallas

Bourbon and Banter

For an unparalleled nightlife experience in Dallas, look no further than Bourbon and Bunter. Located in the up and coming Deep Ellum neighborhood, this nightclub offers a unique, vibrant and energetic atmosphere, with a fine dress code. The interiors are elegant with rich red and gold velvet furnishings, unique artwork adorning the walls and a crystal chandelier adding opulence to the place.

The full bar offers not only traditional cocktails, but also creative craft beers and wines, as well as twists on classic drinks. With weekly dance party events featuring the hottest DJs of the moment, there's always fun at Bourbon and Banter. This Dallas club has grown in popularity over the years, with celebrities from around the world including Kim Kardashian, Drake and Rihanna joining the trendy late night parties.

This club is often referred to as a "must go" when visiting Dallas, due to its unique atmosphere and loyal clientele. Whether you want a night of dancing or drinks with great music, Bourbon and Banter has something special that sets it apart from other Dallas clubs.

Nightlife Dallas Bourbon and Banter
Nightlife Dallas: Bourbon and Banter


Opened in 1990, Trees has been a great asset to the region's music industry. Nirvana, Deftones, Tool, Pearl and his jams are just some of the big names that have played here. It's one of the best places to party and listen to live music concerts in Dallas.

Nightlife Dallas Trees
Nightlife Dallas: Trees

Sue Ellen's

Sue Ellen's is a favorite Dallas nightclub for the city's vibrant LGBTQ+ community. When you enter Sue Ellen's you are greeted by a warm and welcoming interior that reflects belonging and celebration, and the club's welcoming and versatile interior encourages freedom of expression as well as being fun.

The interior exudes a relaxed and friendly vibe, from the vibrant colors and quirky artwork to the comfortable seating areas, while the dance floor, surrounded by walls of glowing lights, invites you to unwind and express yourself, setting the stage for a free flowing fun evening.

Nightlife Dallas Sue Ellens
Nightlife Dallas: Sue Ellen's

Round Up Saloon

Round-Up Saloon Dallas is a nightclub that has been offering its customers crazy entertainment since 1980, and is characterized by an elegant environment. It is also a popular Dallas gay club.

Nightlife Dallas Round-Up Saloon
Nightlife Dallas: Round-Up Saloon

Punk Society

Designed as a dissident venue, Punk Society is an innovative hybrid bar and club in the heart of Deep Ellum, Dallas. The design of the venue is more than just a punk rock bar. It draws its inspiration from the retro era punk music scene, but also takes its cues from the rebellious movements of other music genres such as rock and roll, hip hop and EDM.

Nightlife Dallas Punk Society
Nightlife Dallas: Punk Society

Bottled Blonde

Bottled Blonde is one of the most popular bars in Dallas. In addition to the great pizza, this place is also known for its electric dance floor, upbeat music and big screen TVs showing non-stop sporting events.

Nightlife Dallas Bottled Blonde
Nightlife Dallas: Bottled Blonde

TownHouse Nightclub

Located in the heart of the Dallas Arts District, Townhouse Nightclub is a stylish two-story Dallas nightclub with DJs, comfortable seating, and an upstairs fireplace terrace with stunning views of the Dallas skyline.

Townhouse Dallas nightclub is where style, elegance and sophistication come together. Not only does elegance ooze from every corner of the venue, but the crowd is among the classiest in all of Dallas. Modeled after a London townhouse, this club offers an elevated luxury experience and is a place where many celebrities and athletes attend, so you might meet your favorite celebs.

Nightlife Dallas TownHouse Nightclub
Nightlife Dallas: TownHouse Nightclub

The Mining Company

TMC is one of the largest LGBTQ+ clubs in Dallas and draws a diverse and friendly crowd to dance to, as well as local DJs and glamorous dancers. Outside, cool off on two different outdoor terraces before returning indoors.

Nightlife Dallas The Mining Company
Nightlife Dallas: The Mining Company

Headquarters Dallas

This popular Dallas nightclub features an exquisitely chic ambiance with an exclusive VIP area. Modern, dimly lit décor further enhances this innovative new nighttime entertainment experience.

Nightlife Dallas Headquarters Dallas
Nightlife Dallas: Headquarters Dallas

R L's Blues Palace No 2

Experience the ultimate in nightlife entertainment in Dallas every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night. RL Blues Palace 2 in Dallas is the best live blues club in town.

Nightlife Dallas R Ls Blues Palace No 2
Nightlife Dallas: R Ls Blues Palace No 2

Sandaga 813

With an underground party vibe, Sandaga is a live music haven for lovers of hip-hop, R&B and jazz. It has a very relaxed atmosphere and the back patio has great drinks, hookahs and barbecues. Enjoy weekly events like Fresh His Fridays, where DJs play old and new hip-hop and his R&B, and live music sessions for Soul His Jazz on Thursdays and Organic His Soul on Saturdays.

Nightlife Dallas Sandaga 813
Dallas nightlife: Sandaga 813

Stars and Spirits

Stars and Spirits is one of Dallas' hottest nightclubs . If you're looking for hot fun, you've come to the right page. Stars and Spirits is a place founded to connect with fun seekers.

Nightlife Dallas Stars and Spirits
Nightlife Dallas: Stars and Spirits

Kalua Disco

This Dallas nightclub brings only positive vibes to its audience. For those looking for a clubbing experience outside of Fridays and Saturdays, Kahlua Nightclub is open Thursday through Sunday. Here you will find entertainment that will wash away your tiredness.

Nightlife Dallas Kalua Disco
Nightlife Dallas: Kalua Disco

Dallas bars and pubs

Gallery Rooftop Lounge

Located in the Cedars/Southside neighborhood and with great downtown views, a rooftop infinity pool, and art-themed cocktails, this place is the perfect nightlife hotspot in Dallas.

Of course, it's not just about enjoying the scenery. Enjoy inventive cocktails, wines and craft beers, along with tempting bar snacks like sausage platters, tuna tostadas and wagyu slides. There are occasional events like guest DJs and live music. As you can imagine, once the sun goes down, this place transforms into a party hub in Dallas . Arrive early to secure a prime spot on the terrace.

Nightlife Dallas Gallery Rooftop Lounge
Nightlife Dallas: Gallery Rooftop Lounge

Midnight Rambler

From secret passwords to secret entrances, this Dallas liquor store has plenty of surprises in store for a fun night out. Midnight Rambler is the perfect way to enhance your Dallas nightlife experience with a secluded and beautiful cocktail bar serving drinks made from exotic ingredients.

It may not be a secret location, but the Jules Hotel's gorgeous underground retreat has the feel of a secluded spot, from the vaulted ceilings and paneled walls to the vintage lamps and plush leather couches. The drinks menu ranges from reinterpreted classics to modernist inventions. There are also special events like classical music pop-ups and weekend DJs.

Nightlife Dallas Midnight Rambler
Nightlife Dallas: Midnight Rambler


Parliament is considered one of the best bars in Dallas . A lovely space with a welcoming atmosphere and an extensive menu of over 100 cocktails ranging from innovative creations to Prohibition-style classics. Best of all, they have an amazing happy hour with drinks for only $5.

As expected, it fills up quickly. Please come early if you want to secure a spot. The Houses of Parliament is the perfect place for true cocktail fanatics.

Nightlife Dallas Parliament
Nightlife Dallas: Parliament

H. G. Sply Co.

Enjoy the perfect view at bustling HG Sply Co. in Lower Greenville. The restaurant has an upstairs terrace, making it one of the best places for a night out in Dallas. Start with our delicious and nutritious vegan menu and try our inventive cocktails.

Nightlife Dallas HG Sply Co
Dallas nightlife: HG Sply Co.

High & Tight

If you're looking for a Dallas speakeasy with a twist, head to High & Tight in Deep Ellum. In this bar hidden in a hair salon, not only new trendy hairstyles await you. Whether you're looking for a fun atmosphere or delicious drinks, High & Tight caters for all levels.

Nightlife Dallas High and Tight
Nightlife Dallas: High & Tight

The Woolworth

This elegant downtown Dallas bar is a popular destination for those looking for good food and great drinks. Drinks include sophisticated and inventive cocktails, as well as a large selection of craft beer and wine. Dining options range from shareable snacks like crab nachos and lobster brie fondue, to cured beef burgers, fresh seafood, and steaks. All of this is served up in a large loft-like space with a cozy terrace overlooking Tony Tasset's eye sculpture.

Nightlife Dallas The Woolworth
Nightlife Dallas: The Woolworth

Lee Harvey's

Lee Harvey is one of Dallas' most traditional and famous bars. It's famous for its large courtyard, dotted with picnic tables. The space is small compared to other bars, but it's a very cool place. After a hard day's work, relax here in the evening with music and drinks.

Nightlife Dallas Lee Harveys
Dallas Nightlife: Lee Harveys

Inwood Tavern

The oldest bar in Dallas, Inwood Tavern is a Dallas nightlife institution . The Tavern has been in business for over half a century and is frequented by regulars who keep coming back, so even for newbies, drinking here feels like a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Happy Hour offers reasonably priced drinks until 7pm daily.

Nightlife Dallas Inwood Tavern
Nightlife Dallas: Inwood Tavern

The Rustic

The Rustic is one of Dallas' most popular bars offering delicious drinks, fresh home-cooked food, and music that makes you want to dance even if you're not a dancer. There's a large terrace that welcomes amateur and professional musicians, and everything that comes out of the kitchen is exquisite.

Nightlife Dallas The Rustic
Nightlife Dallas: The Rustic

The Mitchells

Housed in an elegant 1920s building with chandeliers and tufted leather furniture, this Dallas spot is somewhere between a bar and restaurant, and is the perfect spot for a quick drink or a full meal. The Mitchell caters to lovers of strong spirits and is known for its exquisite selection of beers. It has the feel of an upscale bar, with yellow lights, velvet cushions, and even a well-researched menu. When you come here, be sure to try the caviar and oyster dishes. You can taste it in combination with carefully selected national beer.

There is also live music Wednesday through Saturday nights. If you're looking for a stylish bar in Dallas with great food, great cocktails, and an unpretentious atmosphere, look no further.

Nightlife Dallas The Mitchell
Nightlife Dallas: The Mitchell

City Tavern

City Tavern is a great place if you're looking for a relaxed atmosphere with affordable food and alcohol. This cozy neighborhood bar attracts a wide range of people to relax with a drink and enjoy a delicious meal. Best of all, this is a place where you can always watch some kind of sports match on TV.

In addition to a short cocktail menu and extensive craft beer on tap, enjoy bar snacks, salads and sandwiches, from barbacoa wings and nachos to burgers and fish and chips. there.

A bit different from today's bars and clubs, the City Tavern is rustic, quaint and welcoming. It has a certain endearing character that suits everyone. Unlike other venues that boast loud music, this pub's smooth jazz is a pleasant tune to the ear.

Nightlife Dallas City Tavern
Nightlife Dallas: City Tavern

Rodeo Bar

Opened in 1981, this iconic saloon has a classic Texan vibe with vintage decor, neon lighting, and a matching food and drink selection: from Texas cocktails and boilermakers to nachos and mashed burgers. Every weekend there is live music from western to rock in the back room. If you're looking for a bar that epitomizes America, this is the place.

Nightlife Dallas Rodeo Bar
Dallas Nightlife: Rodeo Bar

Frankie's Dallas

There's no shortage of places to catch a game in Dallas, but few are as glamorous as this two-story downtown bar in the historic Davis Building. It features comfortable seating and numerous televisions with all major sports packages. In addition to the usual pub food, a tempting cocktail menu and 20 Texas craft beers are also on offer, along with live music, burlesque shows, and trivia nights.

Nightlife Dallas Frankies Dallas
Nightlife Dallas: Frankie's Dallas

Trick Pony

Located in Deep Ellum, Trick Pony is a Dallas hipster cocktail bar that makes great drinks. The rustic-cool space gets a little makeover every three to four months to keep up with the latest cocktail menu. A great place for a romantic date.

Nightlife Dallas Trick Pony
Nightlife Dallas: Trick Pony

The Mansion Bar

Among the elegant and expensive bars in Dallas, the Mansion Bar in the Turtle Creek Mansion draws a large crowd, mostly of mature people. Leather banquettes and bookcases filled with antiques and rare bottles of liquor add to the ambiance. The cocktails are pricey, but they're well-crafted and focus on higher alcohol.

Murphy's Mansion Dallas is a popular destination for people of all cultures. This place has been in town since 1988. For 30 years it has been bringing great food and crazy fun to the people of Dallas.

Nightlife Dallas The Mansion Bar
Dallas Nightlife: The Mansion Bar

Tiny Victories

Located in Oak Cliff's Bishop Arts District, Tiny Victories is one of Dallas' most modern bars . The perfect place for a night out with friends after a long day at the office. The atmosphere in the bar is great, with all amenities including drinking and music. This is the place to put on your boots and take your partner for a night out you'll never forget.

Nightlife Dallas Tiny Victories
Nightlife Dallas: Tiny Victories


This chic restaurant and bar in new Thompson Dallas is frequented by the city's attractive groups. Located on the 10th floor, Catbird has a breezy terrace where chic people gather for cocktails. But don't be intimidated, as the hosts are genuinely friendly. Try their signature cocktail, “The Catbird,” which not only tastes great, but is also selfie worthy.

Nightlife Dallas Catbird
Nightlife Dallas: Catbird

CRÚ Food & Wine Bar

CRU' is an elegant and relaxed Dallas wine bar, perfect for enjoying a great wine without being pretentious. When you order a ticket, you'll receive three wines for tasting and a charcuterie board. If you're strolling through the West Village on a Thursday, don't miss CRÚ's Champagne Social, where you can buy half-price bottles of champagne.

Nightlife Dallas CRÚ Food & Wine Bar
Nightlife Dallas: CRÚ Food & Wine Bar

Dot's Hop House & Cocktail Courtyard

This popular outdoor bar in Dallas offers a wide selection of beers, an extensive menu, and an indoor bar. The bar is a lively Deep Ellum hangout, with trendy stained glass windows, murals, and even an outdoor chandelier. Dot's is the perfect place to sip beer, enjoy traditional bar food, and relax under the Dallas night sky.

Nightlife Dallas Dots Hop House Cocktail Courtyard
Nightlife Dallas: Dots Hop House Cocktail Courtyard

The Grapevine Bar

The Grapevine Bar is an LGBTQ+ friendly Dallas spot that serves cheap booze and has a rooftop terrace. Located on Oak Lawn, The Grapevine Bar is truly unique thanks to quirky features like a pool table with pink railings, some decorative skulls, and even a basketball court. Furthermore, the place is frequented by an unconventional public.

Nightlife Dallas The Grapevine Bar
Dallas Nightlife: The Grapevine Bar

Tipsy Alchemist

With their extensive mixology skills, the bartenders at Tipsy Alchemist create extraordinarily delicious cocktails and extraordinary performances that will leave you in awe.

Nightlife Dallas Tipsy Alchemist
Nightlife Dallas: Tipsy Alchemist

Rattlesnake Bar

Rattlesnake Bar is an exciting, adventurous and fun bar serving everything from delicate margaritas to bold century-old cocktails. The interior is elegant and refined, and the terrace offers great views and the perfect atmosphere for parties. The bar is also known for its food and the delicious lobster tacos are a must.

Nightlife Dallas Rattlesnake Bar
Dallas Nightlife: Rattlesnake Bar

Map of clubs, pubs and bars in Dallas