Saranda: Nightlife and Clubs

Nightlife Saranda: with many opportunities for entertainment, this famous town on the Albanian coast offers a lively nightlife aimed especially at younger people. Discover the best bars and clubs in Saranda!

Nightlife Saranda

Located on the southern coast of Albania not far from the Greek island of Corfu , Saranda is becoming more and more one of the most popular summer destinations among young revelers who want to spend a holiday full of fun-filled evenings, spending little.

The nightlife of Saranda is very lively and there is no shortage of opportunities for entertainment. Saranda's nightclubs begin to turn on , and what until a few moments before were simple beaches, become vibrant discos and lounge bars, which enliven the nightlife of Saranda.

Nightlife Saranda by night
Saranda by night

Let yourself be surprised by the opportunities of this fantastic place and by the discos of Saranda .

As the largest city in the south, Saranda has a fantastic nightlife , especially during the touristic summer months. A common Albanian custom is to start the night with an evening stroll along the Saranda seafront (Xhiro), where people meet and socialize with friends. You will see many locals attending, especially in the main streets.

Here you will find many restaurants with outdoor seating and cozy bars, making it a great place to start your evening in Saranda. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the bay while people watching.

The seafront of Saranda is completely pedestrian and very wide and is bordered by many nightclubs where you can party and drink on the cheap. The bars of Saranda during the day function as cafes and restaurants, while at night they become lively bars and discos that stay open until the early hours of the morning.

Some nightclubs are only open during the summer months and the music typically ranges from Albanian folk music to Greek music, electronic music, house music and western popular music. In the pubs and discos of Saranda people usually enter late (around 11pm after an evening walk) and stay until the morning

Nightlife Saranda discos
The nightclubs of Saranda

Clubs and discos in Saranda

Mango Beach Club (SH81, Saranda)fb_icon_tiny
Open from Thursday to Saturday from 10pm to 1.30am.
Located south of Saranda, Mango Beach is one of the most famous nightclubs in Saranda . Praised for its atmosphere and cocktails and open from May to September, this club is located right on a private beach, plays mainly house/dance music, and is equipped with pavilions, thatched umbrellas and wooden loungers.

Arguably one of the most famous nightclubs in all of Albania, Mango Beach Club is a magical place where day and night meet in an oasis of true bliss. It also has an excellent international restaurant, and offers all kinds of music and organizes events with national and international artists.

Nightlife Saranda Mango Beach Club
Nightlife Saranda: Mango Beach Club
Albanian girls at Mango Beach Club
Albanian girls at the Mango Beach Club in Saranda

Orange Lounge Club (SH81, Rruga Butrinti, Saranda)fb_icon_tiny
The Orange Lounge Club is one of the most famous nightclubs in Saranda where you can enjoy a simple aperitif, an excellent cocktail or a fun evening.

The club is open all year round and boasts a direct view of the sea, enhanced by an impressive design and a modern sound and lighting system. The place also hosts major concerts and turns into a real disco in the evening.

Nightlife Saranda Orange Lounge Club
Nightlife Saranda: Orange Lounge Club

Demi Lounge (Rruga Butrinti, Saranda)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 7pm to 11pm.
Demi Lounge is one of the most famous and glamorous bars in Saranda , and is perfect for a quick aperitif or after dinner watching the sunset. In the evening it transforms into a club, with signature cocktails, DJ sets, evenings and events in a truly evocative location overlooking the sea.

Nightlife Saranda Demi Lounge
Nightlife Saranda: Demi Lounge

Opal Club Lounge Bar (perballe Hotel, Rruga Naim Frashëri, Saranda)fb_icon_tiny
Opal is the new trendy lounge bar and club in Saranda. The venue is very modern, right on the water with outdoor seating with beautiful views of the bay.

Nightlife Saranda Opal Club Lounge Bar
Nightlife Saranda: Opal Club Lounge Bar

African Beach Club (Rruga Mitat Hoxha 69, Saranda)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 8.00 to 23.00.
The African Beach Club is a popular beach bar and lounge club in Saranda. Here you can spend the day relaxing on the beach by renting a beach lounger or a teepee designed in African jungle style. There are several bamboo-style bars where you can order drinks and food. The place is also known for hosting parties in Saranda day and night .

Nightlife Saranda African Beach Club
Nightlife Saranda: African Beach Club

Rock Cafe (V2F6+G34, Saranda)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 8.00 to 24.00.
If you're looking for dancing, live music and rock 'n roll, Rock Cafe is the place to be. Great prices, good cocktails and great music. Located on the seafront, this night club in Saranda is always full and there is always a bit of a party.

Nightlife Saranda Rock Cafe
Nightlife Saranda: Rock Cafe

The bars and pubs of Saranda

Tipsy drinks and more (Rruga Jonianet 38, Saranda)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 5.30pm to 2.30am.
Tipsy is a nice and modern outdoor bar, overlooking the Saranda seafront. The ideal place for a short stop and to sip a good cocktail.

Magnificent place, nice people, a breathtaking view and delicious cocktails at honest prices: absolutely one of the best cocktail bars in Saranda . Absolutely to be recommended.

Nightlife Saranda Tipsy drinks and more
Nightlife Saranda: Tipsy drinks and more

21 Bar (Rruga Skënderbeu, Saranda)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 7.00 to 1.00.
Located in the heart of Saranda, the 21 Bar is the ideal place for those who want to spend a quiet evening listening to great music and making new friends. The place has a very nice and sophisticated vintage and underground design, while they have a good selection of cocktails and beers.

Nightlife Saranda 21 Bar
Nightlife Saranda: 21 Bars

Jericho Cocktail Bar (Shëtitorja Naim Frashëri, Saranda)fb_icon_tiny
If you want to spend a classic evening in Saranda with a dinner and delicious cocktails, don't miss the Jericho Cocktail Bar. This place is one of the best bars in Saranda , and is directly overlooking the sea. Fascinating for both an aperitif and after dinner.

Nightlife Saranda Jericho Cocktail Bar
Nightlife Saranda: Jericho Cocktail Bar

Jamaica Beach Bar (V2F3+49F, Saranda)fb_icon_tiny
Located in the port area of ​​Saranda, Jamaica Beach Bar is a bar with an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, with soft lighting and house music. The ideal place to enjoy a drink at sunset.

Nightlife Saranda Jamaica Beach Bar
Nightlife Saranda: Jamaica Beach Bar

Hou Nalu (Rruga Mustafa Matohiti 51, Saranda)fb_icon_tiny
Open every day from 7pm to 2.30am.
Great place, great music in a city full of energy and nice people. This tiki bar in Saranda offers the best atmosphere in town and some of the best cocktails.

It's a cozy place with nice colours, good drinks and very friendly staff. Delicious cocktails with a creative twist in a tropical setting, at this hidden rooftop cocktail bar overlooking the ocean

Nightlife Saranda Hou Nalu
Nightlife Saranda: Hou Nalu

Map of discos, pubs and bars in Saranda